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Life with a Badge and a Gun

Allen Reed, speaker,
martial arts teacher and
retired Deputy US Marshal

Meet Allen Reed and hear him talk about his 25 years of service as a Deputy US Marshal.

The US Marshals are the oldest branch of US federal law enforcement. The Marshals played an important part in settling the new territories which were opened up in the 19th century, thus creating the USA as we now know it. Even today the US Marshals Service still fulfills an essential role in Federal Law enforcement. The US Marshals are a specific branch of the US justice system and the UK has no direct equivalent. Put simply, the US Marshals provide security and enforcement for the US Federal Court system.

Allen has been invited to the UK to teach at a martial arts event which is taking place in Beverley on the 9th and 10th of June. While Allen is visiting there will be an opportunity to hear him talk about his life in the service of law and order. Allen is an engaging speaker, and looks forward to sharing many great stories with you.

Please join us on:

Thursday 7th of June 2018 at 7pm for 7.30pm. (Finishing by 9pm).

Venue; a private address in Beverley, East Yorkshire

There will be no actual charge for this event, however small donations to cover the cost of refreshments will be gratefully accepted.

For more details, including the address, please contact Graham Butcher on:

  • Telephone: 07713585954
  • Email
  • Find out more about Allen and what he will be teaching at the HEMA Diversity Camp here.