hdc instructors

The HDC 2018 Instructors

HEMA Diversity Camp 2018

Held on the 9th and 10th of June 2018 at Beverley, East Yorkshire, UK

Instructors were:

Allen Reed, teaching Tomahawk and Knife and Law Enforcement skills. Please visit Allen's website, Gallowglass Academy

Fox Walters, teaching Commando Dagger and Long sword. Please visit Fox's website Wolfshead School of Western Martial Arts

Milo Thurston, teaching Small Sword and Pugilism. Please visit Milo's website, Sir William Hope

Graham Butcher, teaching Staff and Five Principles Knife Defence. Please visit Graham's website Ice and Fire Stav

Pictures from the Event

Allen Reed with hawk and knife

With knife again

Allen teaching

Milo demonstrating small sword posture

Milo in action

Milo teaching

Graham demonstrating staff

Forward thrust with staff

Graham teaching staff

Five principles knife defence, trel response