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Graham Butcher

Graham Butcher
Watch the video to find out more about training with the Staff

Graham Butcher – Ice and Fire Stav

Graham has trained in martial arts for over 45 years and he has been a student of Stav for over 25 years under Ivar Hafskjold. Graham has taught Stav for most of that time and has taught on four occasions at Fightcamp. He is also a regular contributor to the Mercian Gathering where he teaches Stav as well as delivering workshops on the more esoteric aspects of the system. Graham has also completed Geoff Thompson's Masterclass course and holds a level 2 Self–protection certificate.

Graham is the author of many articles on Stav, posts regularly to his email and Facebook lists and has published several short works including: 'Stav the Fighting Art of Northern Europe' which was an introduction to the martial aspect of Stav, and 'Peacock Kung Fu' which offers four simple principles of self–defence. Graham teaches regular courses and classes and is based in Beverley, East Yorkshire.

At HDC Graham will be teaching the Stav way of training with the staff. The staff is the mother and father of all other weapons. If you can train with a staff you can learn how to integrate action, intention and movement. Once you can apply this principle with the staff you will have the foundation for training with any weapon. Find out more about training with the staff by watching the video below.

The biggest issue in combat and self–defence is not fighting but making an appropriate response according to the context and your status in a situation. The five principles of Stav show how to recognise the context you are dealing with and how to act accordingly. Graham's third session will focus on Five Principles Knife Defence. This is a very simple way of introducing and working with the five principles.

Find out more at the Ice and Fire Stav site.